Admissions Or Fee Structure

Understanding the competitive field we live in, coaching centers need to be at the top of their game if they’re to help students excel at their studies. It all begins with the most important factor of all, budget or affordability. Our fee structure has been crafted with VFM (Value For Money) in mind. What you pay for you get back ten fold through our services, indivdualized attention, study environment, amenities, structured tests, etc.

We also have keen EMI features so you can pay in instalments and not have to worry while you study. There are plenty of highly priced coaching centers out there but they don’t quite live up to the standards expected of them. We have proven time and again that aside from an all-round admissions program that includes students from anywhere who are studying at any level, we also ask a moderate amount by way of fees.

Excellence is the end goal and we come ready to help our students meet it.