"Learning was never so exciting. Proud to be a part of such an awesome coaching class"
Rashid Khan
"The classrooms are awesome and I loved enjoyed learning. Most importantly, the teaching techniques used are the best."
Sameer Dillion
"My name is Rajesh. There is just one thing I would want to say. The teachers here are the best. It is here that I received the most needed assistance."
Rajesh Kale
"I had my doubts about coaching centers because I felt they take too much money and do almost exactly what schools do anyway. I didn’t feel like paying double for both school and coaching when it made no real difference in the lives of my children. But I did try yours and you made me a believer. There is much that you do that’s different from the general school system and it’s my opinion that you are more effective. I’m glad my son and daughter are studying with you."
Kishore Kaylandha, Mumbai.
"When some of my students approached me and told me about their time at your coaching center, I was somewhat disappointed to hear that they were finding it better than school, which is where I teach. However, I personally believe that coaching is absolutely essential because you provide students with something schools don’t always manage to do. I have a daughter whom I tutor at home but I feel she is showing incredible improvement studying with you these past few months. Thank you."
Saraswati Narayan, Mumbai.
"I have been to many coaching centers and seen that they’re not up to par. Yours has changed my mind and made me believe that academia can indeed be taught the right way. Thank you so much. All three of my children are with you and being coached at varied levels. I am grateful to have found the perfect coaching center for them."
Hariharan Jardhar, Mumbai.
"Ever since I sent my son to your coaching center, he has made immense strides academically and is showing marked improvement in his grades. Your structured approach to the school curriculum is doing wonders for his studies. Thank you so much."
Radha Krishnamoorthy, Mumbai.