Why Choose Us??

Respected Faculty:

We are proud to have an excellent team of professors with us, who will teach you the topic conceptually well which will help you in scoring in exams. Our professors are devoted to the institute; our team is fixed and always delivers the best to bring out the best. Our professors are available to solve queries of the students even after the daily lectures. We have guest and doubt solving lecturers as well.

Excellent Study Material:

The study material provided by us is complete in all respects. It is highly researched qualitative and updated by an expert team of professors. The study material is provided well in advance to ensure timely preparation by students for their respective classes.


Each Class Is Equipped With Latest Technology, LED Screen, Air conditions, CCTV Camera.

Our Aim

To implement new and the most effective teaching techniques that will best utilize the capability of our students and help them excel in their academics.

Parent Student Meetings:

Efforts are made to involve both parents and their wards, on a one-to-one basis, in cases where there seems to be a lack of commitment. Regular updates on each student's attendance and test performance are offered through normal telephone lines, or SMS.

Attendance & Lecture Timing:

We have Bio-metric attendance system. Attendance is a must for all lectures and tests. Parents are requested to ensure their child's regularity and punctuality for the lectures and tests.


Strict discipline must be observed in classroom as well as premises. Disorderly conduct or non-compliance with rules and regulations of the institute will disqualify students from further attendance and no fee refund will be done in that case.

Weekly Practice Tests:

Regular tests are scheduled right throughout the course. Performance is monitored both for individual assessment and comparative rankings. 3 to 4 prelims for Std. XII. Take-ups and Weekly tests for all standards. Weekly Test For T.Y.B. Com. & Computer Practical’s. E-Class Specially For Std. 9th and 10th (with 3 to 4 Prelims)

Other Facilities:

Waiting Area For Students, Clean Drinking Water, Wash Rooms facilities.